24 Hours ambulatory blood pressure monitoring

As the name suggests, 24-hour blood pressure monitoring is to record the patient's blood pressure within 24 hours, so that doctors can more accurately know whether the patient's blood pressure is high and whether the blood pressure control after taking medicine is ideal.

In many cases, the patient's blood pressure at home is normal, but in the clinic, because of tension, the blood pressure measured in the clinic is particularly high, resulting in white robe disease. In this way, doctors sometimes don't know whether their blood pressure is well controlled or whether their blood pressure is high.

At this time, 24-hour automatic blood pressure monitoring can help doctors solve this problem. This instrument is similar to an ordinary electronic sphygmomanometer and is portable. When the patient falls asleep at night, the patient's blood pressure can also be recorded every hour. In this way, doctors can get more comprehensive and accurate data to know the situation of patients after taking drugs or whether they really have high blood pressure or white robe disease