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Established in 2006, the Hong Kong Cardiac Centre is managed by a professional medical team composed of a number of cardiologists, emphasizing service-oriented and upholding the three core values of "understanding, caring, and professionalism". Through advanced and stable medical technology and equipment, the center provides patients with excellent and comprehensive cardiac specialist consultation and examination services.

Hong Kong Cardiac Centre

In order to meet the medical needs of the community and patients, the Hong Kong Cardiology Centre has established cardiology outpatient services in Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories, providing cardiac specialist consultation and various cardiovascular examination services, including echocardiography, static ECG, exercise ECG, 24 Hourly and intermittent ECG, 24-hour blood pressure monitoring, cardiac computer scan, etc. We will also provide comprehensive cardiac surgery and treatment services according to the patient's condition, such as coronary intervention, pacemaker implantation, cardiac catheterization radiofrequency ablation, etc.

About Cardiology - Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Cardiology? Cardiology, also known as Cardiology, is a medical specialty that specializes in the treatment of diseases that affect the heart and circulatory system. The heart is one of the main organs of the human body, and the cardiovascular system is mainly responsible for transporting blood to all parts of the body. If there are abnormal consequences of the two, it must be tested regularly to ensure the health of the heart. Heart disease is a general term for heart disease. It is a relatively common circulatory system disease and the most common disease in internal medicine. It can significantly affect the patient's ability to work. The best prevention method is to go to a heart specialist clinic for regular monitoring. .

When to see a Cardiologist?

The main symptoms of heart disease are palpitations, chest pain, dyspnea, tinnitus, snoring, shoulder pain, etc. In the above cases, in addition to self-monitoring, it is also necessary to visit a cardiac specialist clinic for examination. Some heart diseases have no obvious symptoms and need to be diagnosed by equipment. Once the situation is serious, it may cause heart failure, pulmonary heart disease and other diseases.