Regular heart check-ups are essential to ensure cardiovascular health

The fast-paced urban lifestyle often leads to busy schedules, imbalanced diets, disrupted sleep patterns, high levels of stress, and a lack of exercise, all of which can put stress on the heart. Regular heart check-ups can help individuals understand their cardiovascular condition and effectively prevent heart diseases, reducing the risk of developing such conditions. Through cardiac examinations conducted by medical professionals, including specialized tests and expert opinions, hidden or sudden heart conditions can be detected early, thereby maintaining cardiovascular health.

Currently, heart diseases are classified into congenital heart diseases and acquired heart diseases. Congenital heart diseases are caused by abnormal fetal development, while acquired heart diseases are often a result of external or internal factors. Why is it necessary to undergo regular heart check-ups? This is because heart diseases are becoming increasingly prevalent and affecting younger individuals, with the majority being acquired heart diseases in urban areas. By undergoing regular heart check-ups, patients can proactively identify various heart problems at an early stage.