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HA Referral | Cardiology referral service caters to urgent needs of patients

HA Referral is a medical arrangement accepted by the Hong Kong Heart Centre. Through the Hospital Authority referral, patients can be referred from public hospitals to the Heart Centre for cardiac-related examinations and treatments. The services provided by the Heart Centre include cardiac tests, cardiac computed tomography scans, echocardiograms, exercise electrocardiograms, and 24-hour electrocardiogram monitoring. These tests help evaluate cardiac health, diagnose cardiac diseases, and provide appropriate treatment plans. If you require further cardiac specialist medical services, it is recommended to contact the Hospital Authority or relevant medical institutions for assistance and guidance from healthcare professionals.

Heart disease has always been of great concern to Hong Kong people. Due to the high pressure of life in Hong Kong, and many people have bad living habits (unhealthy diet, insufficient rest), it also has a negative impact on the heart. The Hong Kong Cardiac Center was established in 2006. Its management team is composed of a number of specialist doctors. The center has advanced equipment and medical technology, which can provide appropriate examination and outpatient services for those in need. At the same time, the center also accepts cardiology referrals from the Hospital Authority and public hospitals.

Indeed, there is an urgent need for cardiology referrals, especially when the burden on Hong Kong's medical system is becoming increasingly heavy. Therefore, the demand for medical examination services is also on the rise, causing citizens to wait longer and longer in public hospitals. However, if there is referral to cardiology specialists, it can not only reduce the burden on the local medical system, but also meet the needs of people with heart disease. Therefore, in order for the patient to complete the examination as soon as possible to cooperate with the next step of treatment, the referral of the Department of Cardiology of the Hospital Authority can make comprehensive arrangements for the patient. This cardiology referral service allows patients to receive examinations, angiography and relevant laboratory tests as soon as possible. With this HA cardiology referral service, patients can receive appropriate treatment in a timely manner and will not miss the golden time for diagnosis and treatment.

Public hospital and HA cardiology referral Wide range of applications

Our center has experienced specialist doctors and advanced medical technology, which can give the medical profession and the public confidence in accepting cardiology referrals. The scope of application for referrals to public hospitals and the Cardiology Department of the Hospital Authority is also quite wide. Cardiology specialist referral content of the center is as follows:

If want to know more about the cardiology referrals related to our center, can inquire about the details of cardiology referrals from our center.

Notes on cardiology referrals from HA/public hospitals:
  1. When making an appointment to apply for cardiology referral, it is necessary to indicate that it is a cardiology referral from the HA/public hospital, and present the HA cardiology referral letter provided by the HA/public hospital when registering on the day.
  2. This cardiology referral only accepts patients referred by public hospitals in Hong Kong.
  3. If you have any questions about cardiology referral, you can email or call us to learn more about the details of this referral service provided by the Hospital Authority/public hospitals.
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